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6 Social App You Can Use To Educate Yourself

6 Social App You Can Use To Educate Yourself

Nowadays, social applications are more than just uploading photos and having a good time online. Now you can use social apps to educate yourself. It sounds normal, but this is really true. Many people are using social applications to educate themselves online

However, you will need a good academic application to educate yourself and help millions of people who are educated using social applications. We highlight six of the best social applications people have used to educate themselves.

1. Coursera

As one of the top places to receive free online education, Coursera offers many courses in this application as one of the best social applications it can use to educate yourself gone. There is a partnership with more than 100 superior universities to provide quality education. You must follow a flexible schedule while using this app to educate yourself. Flexibility will ensure that you are not locked to study at specific times of the day. There are more than 14 languages ​​for interactive classes offered in this application.

2. English prefix

If you are learning English as your second language, then it is one of the best applications to be educated for you to educate. Although you can get online English teachers online on the prepay website, you still need this app to know some grammar rules. For example, the app will tell you that “Who” or “Who” will use this way, you will be educated with this social application. It has a simple interface which makes it fun and easy to use

3. Learning the future

It is similar to Korsra that it cooperates with the best universities to provide an excellent education. You can download this application and program so that you will learn it here. One of the great features of this application is that it has a nice design that makes it pleasant, social and interactive. Therefore, you will not be bored when using this app. Apart from this, you can do many courses here, which are from the health sciences, law, computer science, literature and creative arts.

4. Basua

Busuu is an Android application that can help you learn a new language. With this app, you can actually read a new language or at least improve your language learning skills. The teaching technique used here is intuitive and effective, instead of reading books, it is better to use this application. The good thing about using Basu is that the curriculum is prepared using a Trust Framework-CEF- To learn the new language effectively. As a social application, there are more than 45 million users with whom you can speak and speak a new language with your native speakers.

5. Star Chart

If you want to educate yourself about issues related to space, then you have a Star Chart as an educational application. Just keep your phone in the air, you will find information about your location and your location. With over 88 constellations and 120,000 individual stars in the application database, you will educate yourself what you want to know about outer space. When you camp and learn more about where you are

6. Photo math

If you have problems with math equations, then you have to help educate you about how to do this math for this application. You only have to take a picture of a mathematical equation and this app will help you solve it. The good thing about this application is that it provides detailed instructions on how to respond to a detailed math equation. This allows you to know the formulas to solve equations.

There are many other applications that you can use to educate yourself, you can use to educate yourself in the top social applications mentioned above. Sit still and not you can educate yourself by using these social applications.

How To Make App Store Optimization More Effective?

How To Make App Store Optimization More Effective?

Every time the word ASO comes, there are two categories, which acknowledge that they have no information about it, and others tell that ASO is similar to SEO for App Stores. The latter is not completely wrong. This concept is the easiest and simplest way to explain to those people who are unfamiliar about it. However, the real concept is deeper, more interesting and complex

The main difference between SEO and SEO depends on what happens after user enters the application page. Process for SEO ends The reason for adding specific keywords to web pages is to display the website in the top search results of related questions.

For the App Store, the process has just begun. Our goal is not to generate traffic on the app page, but to ensure that the application has been searched by loyal and relevant users. These users will not just go to the application page, they will install our application and use it regularly. We do this for conversion, not for traffic.

In order to optimize the mobile app, it is important to pay attention to different aspects. This will play an important role during a visit to a potential user. Here are some important steps for creating an informative, engaging and creative experience for users.

Relevant keyword

It is similar to SEO, using specially selected tools such as App Anne and Censor Tower, the content of your page should be made relevant and relevant in the context of demand. This will lead to potential users of the application. You need to kill the exact stability between different levels of difficulty and traffic. There are many words that you can compete with But you have to be careful about choosing keywords.

Note: Simple App Store Search may result in more organic traffic on the page, so choose keywords wisely.

Application details

Although keyword research produces the best answer from Apple and Google’s algorithms, however, there are some users who read app details before deciding whether or not they will install your app. You should be accurate in your content, it should not be full of keywords, because the padding will clear the application details and affect the ASO.

Note: Potential and loyal users do not care about keywords, they prefer those applications that request permission to access your personal and sensitive information. Be careful of the text that is not contrary to user requirements.

Application icon

The app icon should be unique You must make sure that the application will tell the user what the application is capable of doing. There is a way to convert a shape into an app’s cache. You can place a small image in the frame and allow the icon to break that frame and create 3D effects.

Note: When users check different options after the search, the app’s icon is the first thing they pay attention to, so it should be correct.


Screenshots are required to be placed on the app page, because it can be used as another ad platform. An unknown brand should pay more attention to this aspect. This can bring them an opportunity to grow in the market and make their mobile application optimization more effective.

Note: Use screenshots to tell everything about the app. Do not become boring application page.

Application Name

The name of your application should be informative and attractive. The main keyword should be part of the app title. Choosing the right application name for the developer is a challenge. Since there is a character limit in the Google Play Store, rather than searching for your title and following the effect of the keywords selected in the ranking, do not choose a title that looks fun and attractive.

Note: Try to make your headline small and sweet, so users will understand and easy to bring them to your app.



To influence classification, you have to select the right category for the application. The right category should be based on revenue generation and competition level. Apple has introduced subcategories with primary category. This has divided the app store into segments. It also allows developers to rank in specific areas

Note: The categories chosen by developers give the best meaning of the application’s functionality to potential users. It also allows users to search

Lost Your Smartphone? Apps And Methods To Find It Out!

Lost Your Smartphone? Apps And Methods To Find It Out!

Need is the mother of invention. Smartphone has changed the old way of accessing various features and is rewritten. With digitization, everyone switched smartphones to the most excellent phones. Time side with shoulder is being done to bring all our wishes to all our desires, to put health care, education, banking, shopping, travel bookings, food, personal diary and all weird information on the size of a smartphone palm Has changed in seconds but have you ever thought … what if you will lose that talent or steal from you? Your personal data, account data can be misused within the lost device.

Thank you for applying mobile applications as an app developer who demonstrated its innovative skills as clever if you help finding a mobile case in case it’s lost or stolen. Here are some standards, along with ways to find some advantages to finding your phone and preserving all your data.


Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager, Perhaps the best application for other applications is available in your mobile and store game compatible with most all Android smart devices to download and install. If you are an Android user, then this app should be on your phone in the form of prevention of unexpected illusion. To enjoy its services, Phone Settings> Google> Security> Services> Options enable remote detection of this device. Now you use the phone detection web app to configure it to recover your phone or to lose all the data if lost or lost.

Talking about its loss, this app works only with GPS enabled status; So make sure that your GPS phone is on, but to take advantage of their service, we can ignore this GPS fact because it is available by default for Android phones.


Family locator application

Family Locator People are in touch and a space application designed to allow smartphone to track the location of their family or friends. Therefore, it is not as effective for tracking devices, but to a lesser extent you can help your phone find its last place as a base. In addition, you can manage the tracking of the closest person to the lost location phone location with other device locator applications.


Cerberus application

With unmatched phone locator features, this mobile anti-theft application is worthy of a place on your smartphone. Cerberus has been very well prepared by skilled mobile app developers and is quite smart on this. The user can hide the application drawer by making the app invisible. If you’ve lost your phone, you can use it remotely with Cerberus or client application to lock your mobile phone or reset your phone or make phone ring or display a message on the screen for thieves. In addition, Cerberus can find lost phones and take photos of easy thieves to reach the front camera.


Hunting anti-theft application

My phone application with all the common features just like the basic Android Device Manager is to restore your phone and make it sound and lets you track the location of the device. Since this can be an option to download and option for Android Device Manager, then finding a lost device can be useful.

Traditional ways

Unfortunately, if your phone is lost or stolen, then you have to put my phone without any apps, then you should try some classic methods to keep your personal data safe. As soon as you understand that your phone is lost, try to call or send a message to hear your ring or get information. Do not delay reporting the phone’s loss. In order to make it difficult to work with the call list ESN or your phone’s IMEI to make it difficult to sell the thief hardware or shut down to play dirty with your social account Could. You have to change your banks and social media passwords to quickly change their accounts to a large extent.

How to Optimize Android Tablet for Better Performance?

How to Optimize Android Tablet for Better Performance?

The bigger is always better and how it works with the Android tablet. The Android tablet is considered as a portable device, powerful and customizable, since its establishment, tablets have marked their successful presence in the technology market. Tablets are clearly recognized as desks and laptops, but, in order to use them as a tool to increase productivity, we have to adapt them on a regular basis. Here are a couple of manual steps to improve your tablet’s performance:

Update your operating system and application continually:

Android updates often receive even application developers continue to develop their specific applications to increase the number of downloads continuously. If the Android operating system’s slow running Android phone and apps installed in the latest version gradually increase the tablet’s performance. Upgraded versions come with small bug fixes and work them more efficiently. With a little effort, you can customize your Android tablet and work it fast.

Adjust background settings:

The background settings of your Android tablet play an important role in reducing the slow speed of the device. This affects the way our device operates directly. To avoid vivid or colorful wallpaper on your Android tablet and set a Black Wallpaper or Black Theme It helps keep your tablet’s shine under control, and therefore also saves battery life.

Less widgets and apps:

Widgets are almost like live wallpapers They can also be named as battery delays Make your compulsions more accessible by placing a few widgets on the screen. What’s more, just try to install applications that are really useful for you. They are not attracted to colorful themes and funky designs of the app, check useful applications and uninstall unnecessary applications.

Manage connectivity options:

Smartphones and tablets come with many connectivity options such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC and many more. You do not need to be connected all the time. Turn off the connectivity options when it is not really in use. If you are not using the Internet on your Android tablet, it always makes sense to turn off mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Clean Trash Files:

If you want your Android tablet to work fast, you should periodically adjust it to clean junk files. Uninstalling any unnecessary applications always ends up creating junk files on your device. You can use any special application to clean junk files or temporary files, which can also help you recover the amount of storage space.

If you are looking for a junk cleaner application, then Android Cleaner is an in-one optimizer that helps you achieve new speed of performance on your Android tablet. In addition to cleaning junk files or temporary files, it also lets you manage storage by previewing, backing up data and deleting unnecessary files. Optimizes our entire device including external memory card.

With the Android Cleanup App, you can extend your Android tablet’s battery to 50%. Cleansing junk files and temporary files gradually increases the storage space, which improves the overall performance of your Android tablet.

To meet the above steps, there will be a lot of R & D. Instead of searching for space-saving and irrelevant applications themselves, you can use tools that will fulfill this daunting task for you. Therefore, I suggest Android Cleaner which helps you do this on time.

With Android Cleaner, you can locate and remove junk files or temporary files Smart Storage Manager is where you can preview, back up or delete data, and manage them smartly. Recognizes large files and downloaded files In addition to customizing the internal memory of your Android smartphone, it also scans attached memory cards to detect junk files.

This helps to recover the storage space by optimizing your Android device and cleansing all junk files. Battery saver is the most beneficial feature of Android Cleaner. Easily increases battery life by up to 50%, which simultaneously increases device performance simultaneously